Hand-made poetics, community arts & experimental translation. Girasol Press sits between the world of poetry-pamphlet publishing, which is often fast & ephemeral, and the slow-paced ethos of the artist-book. We try to foster a collaborative ethos and to work between design and text. The aesthetic is bright, bold colours, paired or contrasted for sunflower-like visual vibes. It’s not particularly subtle (& that's how we like it). 

The majority of our pamphlets – involving Mexican, Spanish and Scottish authors and translators – are printed using an Adana 8×5 traditional hand-press, in limited runs, on fully recycled paper and card. We’ve also worked with linocut artists for our covers and within the books, and hope to collaborate more in this way in the future. 

In the last couple of years we’ve started Girasol Collab, a meeting-place for community arts publishing projects that stress tactile creativity, print technologies and book-design. Under this rubric over the last two years we’ve co-published two issues of Route 57, The University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal: Issue 14, Loco-Motion; and Issue 15, Environs: Modern Natures.