GIRASOL authors

We do not draw a distinction here between 'writers' & 'translators', though we may use the terms in reference to specific titles. All creation is re-creation; all re-creation is a first-timer.


Paula Abramo: poet & translator from Mexico City. 

Dino: Spanish poet who lived in the USA. 

Etta Dunn: chairperson of the Federation of Writers (Scotland), editor, publisher, actor poet & writer of short stories & scripts.

Dan Eltringham: academic & poet between Sheffield & Bristol. 

Lucy Greaves: literary translator & bike mechanic based in Bristol. 

Cristina Rivera Garza: novelist, poet & professor at UC San Diego. 

Gerónimo Sarmiento Cruz: managing editor at Chicago Review & PhD candidate in English at the University of Chicago.

Jessica Sequeira: writer, translator & PhD candidate at the Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge.